Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Yuletide Altar 2011!! ^.^

Just thought I'd show off my altar for this upcoming Yule!!
It's probably not as showy and pretty as other's; but I think it's pretty good for someone on a tight budget :)

So this is it!!

It consists of a candle on the left for the Goddess; and a candle on the right for the God. As you can see, I have a cute little tree on there as well to celebrate the season!! My chalice is made of glass, next to it are some seashells for the element water; some pine needles for earth; incense for air; and another candle on a moon candle holder for fire. I also have a small cauldron in the corner (right under the shells); and a small "trinket box" with a sun design on the top (next to incense).
Kinda simple; but it suits me at the moment :)

Until next time, blessed be...


  1. It is a lovely yule altar, love it. simple is nice. love the tree, and love the moon center piece it is wonderful.

  2. Thank you!!
    I like to keep it simple, but I am planning on adding more in the future :)
    Your words are too kind, brightest blessings!!


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