Saturday, December 17, 2011

Celebrating Other Non-Wiccan/Pagan Holiday's?

Hello, hello, hello!!!
My reason for this blog is to just kind of touch base with how celebrating other holidays works...
Since I'm Wiccan, I celebrate Yule this time of year. And the rest of my family celebrate Christmas!
Is it okay that I also celebrate Christmas with them??
I think it is!

I personally feel it is 100% alright to celebrate your other family member's holiday's just as it is alright to celebrate your own!!

I love my family, and they love me. I enjoy getting with them for the holidays! They're always so much fun with just the right amount of drama to make the day interesting ;)

Back to my point, me celebrating Yule is my own personal experience with deity, and for my own spirituality. But when I celebrate Christmas/Easter/etc. with my family, it doesn't really have anything to do with my spirituality.. But rather being with my family and enjoying their company.

Is it wrong or bad to celebrate other holiday's aside from your own? I don't think it is, especially not when it comes to celebrating with family or even friends!

My reason for writing this blog, is because I'm going to be celebrating Yule this Thursday with a ritual (so excited!! Happy dance time!!), but then on Christmas day my parents and siblings are all going to celebrate Xmas with my step dads family (which is always fun!). I'll be celebrating two holidays in one week, and I just wanted to establish that I think it is okay to celebrate other holidays with relatives. You have to respect their beliefs, just as they should respect yours.. :)

Okay, I think I got to my point.. I hope :)

Alright, love and light to all!!
Have a blessed Yule.. or Christmas.. or both (Yulemas!)!!!
Blessed be...
)O( Amorel )O(


  1. Yes...I do think you are exactly, it is mutual respect that keeps a family together. I'd hope not to be torn apart because i wasn't accepting of my siblings need to live within their religion/lifestyle/sexual orientation...I love my family, querky as we all are, and I'd have it no other way

  2. Exactly! Mutual respect for your families beliefs. I completely agree with you, you have to be accepting of all of your family; and even if that means celebrating a holiday foreign to your own belief's. :)

  3. Hey... all the more chance to have more celebrations! :)


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