Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pagan/Wiccan Music?

Hello there! I know it has been a long time since my last has kept me pretty busy lately! As I'm sure it does for everyone else, too. :)

I just wanted to touch the topic of Pagan/Wiccan based bands and music. Natrually, there's always the ones where it's soley musical and there are no words. I love those, too! But I've come across lovely songs and I'd love to share.

This one is a personal favorite of mine! It's by a band called Chalice and Blade. The song is called "I Hear You Calling". I find it very beautiful. :)

Are there any types of Wiccan or Pagan music you enjoy? I'd love to hear more! Any suggestions are fully welcomed!

Have a blessed day!

Love & Light,
)O( Amorel )O(

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Perfection is Overrated...

Hey!! So, I know this post isn't really Wiccan/Pagan/etc. related, but I just felt the need to post this :)

Lately I've been noticing a lot of things... Like bullying, ridicule, and people thinking they aren't good enough... And it makes me sad to see or hear things like that. Things like kids being bullied because others think they aren't good enough, or because they aren't like them... And, needless to say, I felt a strong need to blog about it!

Nobody is perfect. Cliche, I know; but it doesn't make those words any less true. No one should strive for perfection, because it's unattainable. No matter how big or small, there will always be flaws... So embrace them! Love your flaws for what they are, and don't try to hide them. In my opinion, there's nothing more beautiful than flaws; because they show people for what they truly are: human. No one was ever meant to be perfect in every which way, but you can be perfect in your own way... And that's the best way of all. :)

Perfection is overrated. So stay imperfect, you're all beautiful that way. ❤

I guess that's all for now... So,until next time, stay beautifully imperfect, my lovelies!

Love, Light & Imperfection (<-- I couldn't resist ^.^)...
Blessed be,

)O( Amorel )O(

Friday, June 1, 2012

Full Moon in June!

So the full moon is in the next few days! And, in celebration of the full moon, I wanted to do a nice little blog about it!

Typically, when doing a ritual on a full moon (or really any moon phase), it's referred to as an "Esbat". It's a full moon celebration that's typically the time for initiation/dedication ceremonies, healing magic, etc. As oppose to a "Sabbat" celebration.

As for a full moon ritual, it can be either extremely complex, with multiple elements to it. Or, it could just be a simple ritual. Either way, it's entirely up to you and what you want to do when for your full moon ritual. That goes for really anything, though. It all boils down to what you want to do, and what you're comfortable with! :)

For some more info on the full moon/Esbats, I'll be providing a few links! Some include examples of full moon rituals, others may not. Enjoy!

In spirit of the moon, here is a nifty little poem I fount! :)

~Allure of a Full Moon~

Shinning Silver while the sun sleeps.
The moon begins her silent creep.
A glowing disk that entice the tide.
Dancing with the sea as waves collide.
She comes to me most every night.
Bringing with her dreams of flight .
But must depart with the coming day.
She Walks in Beauty and can not stay.
Fear not We'll meet once more.
As the sun goes down She'll be at my door.


Here's where I fount this cute little poem! There's a lot more, and I love them!

May the love and light of the Goddess bless you this full moon!

I suppose that's all I have to say for now! Have a wonderful Esbat this month, and may the love of the Lord and Lady be with you, always. ❤

Blessed be!
)O( Amorel )O(

The Bells and Whistles?

Yikes! I know it has been a super long time since my last blog, so I'm sorry about that! School has just had me super busy so I've been primarily focused on that! :)

This post is more of my personal opinion on the "bells and whistles". Or, in other words, all of the magickal and ritual tools / items that we all seem to love!

Now, though tools and altar items like the athame, candles, incense, stones, and all of those other things that look pretty are nice to have, in my personal opinion (and others opinions) they aren't the most important thing when it comes down to it. Religiously speaking, of course. Because, you see, the more important thing is your relationship with deity, with the Goddess and the God.

The tools and odd and end items are a nice addition, but never let them come before that uncanny relationship and connection with your deity! Remember that, my lovelies! For it is the love of the God and Goddess that is the best gift, the best "tool". Their love and light are infinite, but those other tools are finite. There truly is nothing like the love of deity, and the relationship between you and your gods. Always remember that! Then comes those other things: the tools and other items.

So, if there's something you want, but can't afford or can't find, don't sweat it! You have that infinite relationship with deity, remember? And, when the time is right, you'll be able to get all those things you may want, or, in the future, you may realize you never really wanted or even needed them. Or, perhaps you'll end up making your own tools (which is a very great idea, might I add!). Deity first and foremost, then the bells and whistles can come later. :)

I guess that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed this little post! :)

Many blessings of love & light to you all!

Blessed be!
)O( Amorel )O(

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wow, its been awhile... :)

A few months since my last blog How time flies, right? :)

I'll be back to blogging much more, which is kind of what this tiny little post is all about! Life has just been, well, life. You can't get everything you want and not everything is going to turn out exactly how you plan! Gotta love it though, right?

Anyways! Still alive and well over here! Just thought I'd mention that much, and I've got quite a bit to blog about so i'll get busy on that shortly, tehehe.
I've also notived I've reached... Five? Five followers, and that made me smile! A lot..... ;)

Okay, okay, I'm done taking your time with this tiny little "update on me" blog.... So this is where it shall end! Fow now, until I blog again... Which will be soon. I hope. Haha :)

Until next time, my lovelies, Goddess bless )O(

Love & Light,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book of Shadows

Merry Meet! So, it's been awhile since my last blog, I've just been so busy with exams and other odd and end thing's! Not to mention my computer was acting up and wouldn't let me on my blog without cutting off and restarting itself (It does that a lot, and it is annoying!!!).
But anyways, I'm back! :)
And on this blog (it's probably going to be a bit lengthy) I'm going to cover a bit about the witches Book of Shadows (also known as BOS).

What exactly IS a BOS???
It's a book that's typical to the Wiccan practice. It's a place for a practitioner to keep their practical info like correspondences, myths, rituals, invocations, etc. It's also a place to document the personal/spiritual journey, which may include thing's such as: poems, songs, dreams, emotions, etc.
The BOS is used to store info you may need in your specific magickal tradition. Many Pagans and Wiccans feel as though a BOS should be handwritten, but there are those that use a computer to store information in as well (I do this at the moment, until I'm able to find the perfect book for my BOS, I'm just keeping all of my info on documents for the time being. But, when I need to use something {ritual/invocation/chants/etc.} I write it out on a piece of notebook paper and use that!). However, a BOS is considered a sacred tool, which means it is an item that should be consecrated with all other magickal tools. So, to copy spells and rituals will not only transfer energy to the writer, but also can help you to memorize the contents (which means you'll want to write legibly enough in order to be able to read your writing!).
Whether you call it your "Book of Shadows", "Magickal Grimoire", or "Book of Magick"; it is important for every witch/Wiccan to create a book of records. They're your personal notes, a diary of your spiritual/magickal experiences; a book to record your dreams, interpretations, aspirations, and affirmations. In a BOS, you can also record spells, symbols, herb uses (aka: "a witches cookbook"). You can also write of your God(s) and/or Goddess(es), and (as stated before) dreams, and even history of some sort. And since each Wiccan is just a little bit different, a BOS shows their own way of doing things, as well as their findings.

Types of books you can use for your BOS
(And their Pros and Cons)
There are so many different types of books or thing's you can use for your BOS!!!! Whether it be electronic, a 3-ring binder, store bought, hand-made, folders, a plain notebook, or even can be put on a website if you want it to be public!
Bear in mind that their are Pros and Cons to each of these!
~Electronic- Pros: easily organized and easy to read. Cons: controversial because some see it as less personal or magickal; and the fact that it can be lost if it's not backed up (to prevent this, you could use an external hard drive, floppy disk, usb drive, etc.)
~3-Ring Binder- Pros: organized better because it's re-arrangeable and you can add/take out pages (to protect the pages from candle wax or something else, you can use page protectors!). Cons: It's still sometimes seen as less magickal/personal.
~Store bought- Pros: Being handwritten can make it seem more personal/magickal. Cons: Hard to organize!!!
~Hand-made Book- Pros: typically, they're beautiful and abundant with energy. Cons (yes, there ARE cons!!): hard to organize, and very time consuming!
~Folders- Pros: simple and easy to move papers (and inexpensive!). Cons: paper can easily fall out, and it's not that personal.
~Plain Notebook- Pros: can be bought anywhere, decorated, and no papers would fall out. Cons: hard to organize.
~Website- Pros: you can get feedback on it. Cons: it's public, and therefore not that sacred nor personal.

Starting Your Own BOS
First, decide whatkind of book you want to use (spiral notebook, three-ring binder, purchased hard-cover stationary books, etc.). Which ever one you happen to choose, label it and set it's purpose and energy from the start; you can also record the title on the outside or inside on the page after the cover. After the title, "date" the book (some witches even creat a new book at the beginning of each magickal year during Samhain {for those that may not know, Samhain- Halloween- is the Witches New Year!}; others may use the same book over a period of time until it's full, then start a new volume. It's your own personal choice which way you date your book, but you should enter a date and if possible a volume reference (this will keep your books organized over the years!).
Next, take some time and think about a type of personal blessing to record on the first page (or after the title page, depending on whether or not you wrote the title on the inside or outside). A book blessing is done as a sort of dedication to your spiritual growth, your path of learning and protection for the info you gain and record withing your book. You may write out the blessing on a scrap of paper until you get it just right and are content with it; then transfer the blessing to your BOS.
If you happen to find the book you've chosen loses it's personal appeal or is inadequate for your needs, no need to hesitate! Just find a new one! Remember, you should feel comfortable and attached to your book, this gives the book energy and meaning in your spiritual life.

Other Types of Books
~Grimoire: A book of instructions and practical appilaction that's not necessarily Wiccan, most may argue that thing's like dreams, meditations, poems, or other personal musings have no place in a grimoire (but that's also your personal opinion!)
~Dream Journal: Used to record and interprat dreams!
~Book of Light: Some prefer to call their BOS a "Book of Light", others consider it their spell book.
~Book of Reflections (Mirrors): Some have this as a part of their BOS, in order to document their spiritual journey. It's more of a journal or diary than a recipe book, you could also use it to record divination results!

Okay!! That just about covers it, I may blog later about the history of the BOS, but who knows for sure?! :)
I find the BOS so interesting!! I love learning and absorbing information about them, they're so intriguing!!!! Don't you agree? :)
If I missed anything about the BOS blog, or you have other questions about something I didn't cover in my BOS, feel free to ask em'! I'll answer if I can :)

Oh, and next Sabbat: Imbolc! WHOO! :)

Until next time...
Love and light, blessed be...

)O( Amorel )O(

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Merry Meet!!
So.. today is the official Yule (Yuletide, Winter Solstice, etc.)!!!!!!
My plans for today are to do a Goddess Ritual tonight (I'm excited!!)...

Here is a link to the site where I fount my ritual (yes, I'm using another person's ritual, I want more experience before I write my own.. maybe next year I'll write one!):

I am going to admit, that I edited it just a tiny bit in order to suit me.. :o

I'm extremely excited about my ritual, I can't wait!! :)

I guess that's all for now... but first, here is a bit about Yule:

The word “solstice” is derived from two Latin words: sol” (the sun) and “sistere” (to stand still), the Winter Solstice therefore means, “Sun stands still in Winter”. Yule marks the longest night and shortest day of the year, when the Sun ceases its decline in the sky, and for three days thereafter seems to stand still and lie dormant on the horizon, after this it once again begins its ascent into the northern sky's and the days grow longer.

Yule celebrates the rebirth of the Sun God, born of the Goddess after her return from the Underworld. Fires and candles are lit to welcome the return of the Sun Gods light while the Goddess rests after delivery and the hardships of her winter in labour. Yule or the Winter Solstice is known by various other names, including: Alban Arthan (Caledonii or Druid), Jul (Norse), Yuletide (Teutonic), Feill Fionnain (Pecti-Wita), Gwyl Canol Gaeof (Welsh), the Longest Night, Midwinter and of course Christmas from Christianity.

The Yule celebration was particularly important to our ancestors, occurring at a time when many (the poor, the old, the feeble) were not expected to live throughout the winter. It was a time when their very survival depended on preparations they had made during the previous nine months. Starvation was a constant threat for many throughout the winter, indeed January through April were known as “the famine months”). For many, the Midwinter festival was their last great feast before the deprivations of deep winter set in. Any cattle left not needed for future breeding would have been slaughtered to provide fresh meat, and any left-over produce from the last harvest fermented and made into wine and beer for drinking.

Traditionally for the festivities, streets, homes and churches would be decorated using natural resources, such like Mistletoe, Holly and Ivy. Their use brought colour and life into the home and acted as a means of contact with the spirits of nature at a time when such has been threatened by the declining light of the Sun. The Druids especially prized mistletoe that grew in the sacred Oak trees, and on the Eve of the Winter Solstice would harvest the plant with a Golden Sickle. The white berries of the Mistletoe represented the male aspects of the Sun God, and were used to invoke fertility and the awakening powers of the Sun.

Hope you have a blessed Yule!! And may this solstice be as magickal as you are.. :)
Blessed be..
Amorel )O(