Monday, December 5, 2011

My First Blog EVER!!!

Merry Meet!!

My given name is Jessica; however, to the Wiccan/Pagan/Witch community I tend to identify as "Amorel".. which is Gaelic for "dweller by the sea".
I'm currently 16 years old (will be 17 in February!!); and I have studied Wicca for about three years; and practiced off-and-on for about two years.

This blog is more of a personal diary documenting my journey as of now :)
It will cover information here and there, my experiences during rituals/spells/etc. And a lot of other Wiccan-based things.
I'm about to begin my "year and a day" study soon (because I never actually did a full year and a day of studying before I began practicing). So I'll be studying a topic each week, and more than likely I'll blog about it and the thing's I learned!
I love hiking in the woods and being surrounded by nature's gifts; and feeling the Gods around me!!

If you have any questions, ask them with a comment and I'll do my best to answer!!
I guess that's about it for now; I might post something later; until then...

Love & Light- blessed be..


  1. Hi,
    looking forwards to reading your blog. May I ask how at such a young age you found wicca? and your parents are open to this? if they are , that is wonderful, because wicca is a beautiful religion. good luck on your spiritual journey.

  2. Hello!!
    I actually fount Wicca through my mother, she studies on and off; which got me curious and so I started reading and studying.. so now here I am :)
    My stepfather is pagan, so both my parents know and are okay with it :)
    Good luck to you too on your own spiritual journey :)

    Brightest blessings!


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