Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Bit More About Me

Okay, so this is my blog, but so far there isn't much about me on here!! Now, I'm not the conceited, center of attention type of girl; so I'm not going to give you my whole life story.. But I will tell you a bit about myself in case your curious :)

First off; if you don't already know, I'm 16 (turning 17 in a few months!!). And I am a solitary eclectic wiccan witch. But this is all stuff I've mentioned before.. so I'll move onto something else!!

Um.. where to start... I've never had much in life, still don't; my parents (Mother and Stepfather) struggle for money constantly. And despite the fact that they know and are okay with me being Wiccan; I'm unable to afford many thing's (candles at the least, I'm not talking about extremely expensive items!). My altar is on a T.V. dinner table that folds; I bought it with a gift card I got. And I bought 2 white candles, an incense burner, and a pack of wild berry incense to start myself off :)
Not much, but I make it work!!
I'm looking for a job (have been for awhile now!); but so far I've ended up with nothing..
When I celebrate Sabbats; it usually just involves "acknowledging" the day, and a little less "ritual" because I have absolutely NO supplies at hand!!
I know, I can easily write my own rituals and use the supplies I know I have.. but the truth is that I don't want to write my own ritual just yet; I want to get a few more years worth of experience in before I take that official step!!

Okay! I'm going to veer away from that topic before I go overboard!! I think I've officially established that I have virtually no money; and that means it's difficult to do full blown rituals/spells/etc. At least, I hope I established that already :)
What else about me?? I love animals! ALL animals!! I do, however have an uncanny love for cats, but I do care for all other animals as well! I sign petitions ( ) for them, and for LGBT rights, to stop and prevent human trafficking, and so much more via! (I love that site just saying...)
I hate violence, and I think hate is a useless emotion compared to love!! ♥
I've grown up in the city, and the closest I've been to being intimate with nature was when I lived with my step dads family in some light forestry just outside of town :)
I do hike occasionally on a local trail to try and get more in touch with nature though; but I dream to one day live in the middle of forestry and shrubbery!!
My dream is to become a professional fictional writer (I would love to see my name on a printed book in the library!!). I also wouldn't mind being a baker, or a kindergarten teacher (maybe all three is possible??).
I've already posted about the two animals I have (Raven and Salem); but I've also had SO many more (hamsters, mouse, other cats, other dogs, etc.). I miss them all so much :'(
I tend to listen to all sorts of music: rock, heavy metal, punk, pop, screamo, instrumental, country, Celtic, folk, and so on. Same goes for movies, television shows, I'm very eclectic in all aspects of my life :)
I live in Florida, born and raised in the same city (Jacksonville.. big place O.o); and I've moved so many times in this city, I've lost track :p
I can be very emotional (thanks to my Pisces side, and my element being water!!); but I usually don't let all of it show, I tend to seem "antisocial"; but in all actuality, I'm a very friendly person to be around once I open up out of my shyness shell!
I love and cherish my family more than anything in the world (same goes for friends as well!!).

That about sums it up for the regular, teenage girl side of me; now on to my more spiritual side!!
I'm currently learning Tarot (love it so far!!); and I enjoy meditating (at least, when my sister isn't laughing at me while I meditate.. I'm very cliche when meditating.. closed eyes, deep breaths, etc..).
My Mom has studied Wicca on and off for years; and finally, curiosity got the better of me about three years ago.. I picked up a few books, and read them all in a few days to a week.. It's been that way since; I've actually become more informed than my own mother on the subject.. Now she asks me what something means or what it's for, etc.
I also may have fount my patron God and Goddess (Cerridwen and Cernunnos); I feel very connected to them and enjoy learning all I can about them!! I can't wait to continue my studies on these two magnificent Deities!!
I love my religion, and I enjoy learning more about it, and advancing in my spirituality.. I'm truly looking forward to my future. The beginning may not have been the best (now, still not all that great..); but I have faith in the Lord and Lady, and I truly believe that I will end up at the place I want to be.. All it's going to take is a bit of work and hard effort on my part. I can do that :)

Alright, this post is long enough.. now you know a bit about me and my life!!
On another note, I have a good ritual picked out for Yule (I might share it.. but I did find it online, so I want to make sure there won't be any copyright infringement if I do..) It's simple and involves very little supplies; so it's good for a beginner or someone on a tight budget (like myself, as explained earlier!!).

I truly hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about myself (if you were ever curious..); I also hope I'm not a complete bore!! ^.^

Until next time..
Love and light; blessed be...
)O( Amorel )O(

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