Friday, December 9, 2011

The Goddess and the God

Typically, in Wicca worship comes in the form of the Goddess and the God (or the Lord and Lady!)
To be more specific; the Goddess tends to be viewed as the Triple Goddess; the triple goddess is reprsentation of the three aspects of the Goddess: Maiden (early life); Mother (motherhood/adulthood); and Crone (the last part of life/wiser from experience/etc.).
The symbol for the Triple Goddess looks like this:

Maiden, Mother, Crone

And here is a "real life" picture dipiciting them:

Again: maiden, mother, crone!

The God is usually viewed as The Horned God; he is associated with nature, wilderness, sexuality, hunting, and the life cycle.
He is also commonly depicited with horns atop his head (commonly misrepresented for "Satan").
Though, they are more "antler's" than horns per se.
His symbol is as follows:

Looks a lot like the Goddess symbol- heh? But it's meaning is vastly different; instead of (like the goddess symbol) representing different aspects in the life of the God; the crescent moon shape represents the horns on the Gods head!

And here is a "real life" dipiction of the Horned God (A.K.A.:Cernunnos/Pan/etc.)

(Not so "Satan-y" now, huh?!)

The Lord and Lady can also be narrowed down into "pantheons" (various Gods and Goddesses from other cultures, etc.). But I'll elaborate more on that later!! :)

Until next time...
May the Lord and Lady be with you always, blessed be!

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